simon ink and cinders

I'm Simon, a veterinary behaviourist based in Lincolnshire, but I see clients particularly in Northamptonshire and in counties between the two.

Please make contact with me if you are struggling with your dog's behaviour problem in any way - behaviour can be changed!

The basis of what I do is look at complex behaviour problems within a behaviour consultation, usually as a house visit. To find out more about a behaviour consultation with me, click here. I currently also offer web-based video consultations, so I can advise a client anywhere in the UK. To find out more about the types of problems I might work with, click here. It's important to ensure that you check the qualifications of a behaviourist, so click here to see mine and find out more about me.

I can offer either web-based video consultations or house visits. If you want some immediate general advice, I can also offer a 30-minute telephone consultation - click here to contact me for more information about this.

You can work on training problems such as recall with me. Click here for more information.

Please visit my Facebook page, Simonvetpower, for weekly posts of behaviour interest. Click here to go there now.